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Natural Products - Emerging Opportunities

Join us on 18-19th July 2023 for the Natural Products - Emerging Opportunities event.

Led by the Natural Products BioHUB, this fascinating event explores opportunities for natural product development in pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and the food industry.

Early Bird: NEW IPM 2023 – One Health

Make the most of the Early Bird rate by booking before the end of June 2023!

The  symposium will be held on 5-7th September 2023 - focusing on new and developing innovative programs in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Further News

We have a wealth of multidisciplinary expertise across the University - read on for further news within the BioHUB and wider university:

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Image of crop pests - Infected wire worms in the soil
Image of a film crew on the cliffs filming a documentary about Gower.

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