Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, will already be familiar to many Swansea students. With such a diverse landscape from the heights of the Sierra Nevada to its extensive coastline there is something to appeal to everyone. Gastronomic delights also await you and with Paella and Tapas being national dishes in Spain, you’re sure to never be hungry! Travel by plane from the UK is relatively straightforward, with many low-cost airlines offering flights from most UK destinations.

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Important Considerations

  • For stays of less than 90 days you do not require a study visa. Depending on your nationality, a short-stay visa might be required. 
  • For stays exceeding 90 days you will need to apply for a study visa, this visa is also issued for teaching assistants. Documents you will need include:
    • National visa application form
    • Recent passport size photograph
    • Passport valid for the duration of the planned stay and must have been issued within the lst 10 years
    • Letter of acceptance from the host university or school where your British Council teaching assistantship is taking place
    • Proof of finances of at least 600 Euros a month - expect this to rise for 24/25
    • Health insurance - the GHIC card is accepted as medical insurance 
    • Criminal record check certificate
    • Medical certificate
    • Proof of residence in the consular district
    • Authorisation of legal representatives
    • Payment of the visa fee
  • You can apply for a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) 
  • Accommodation options will vary depending on where you study, you should ensure you submit your housing application by the deadline.