Always fancied living the American dream? Now is your opportunity as a student going on exchange: the great American experience is about so many things - bluegrass and beaches, snow-covered peaks and redwood forests, restaurant-loving cities and big open skies. The USA is situated in North America, and is home to the world’s third-largest population, with over 318 million people. It is a melting pot of cultures from around the world and plays a dominant role in the world's cultural landscape. Swansea University is lucky to be partnered with so many unique universities across the States, from New York in the East, to California in the West.

Swansea University is currently partnered with:

Financial Guarantees

As part of your application to a US university, you will need to prove that you can support yourself financially to receive the documents required for your visa. 

Each university has a different amount that you will need to prove you have access to depending on the cost of living at that location, e.g the financial guarantee is higher for San Francisco State University than that of The University of Oklahoma as living costs in San Francisco are higher. Approximate amounts are included on each partner page. 

You will need proof that the money exists and that you are allowed to use it if the money is not held in your name. You can use the following as evidence: 

  • Student loan certificate- maintenance loan portion
  • Current bank statements
  • Signed bank letter saying you have £x funds available
  • Bank statements or bank letter of someone willing to support you along with a letter from your supporter confirming you can access those funds

You cannot use the following: 

  • A screenshot of your account
  • Stocks and shares certificates or equity release mortgage certificates
  • Payslips
  • Your overdraft