Name: Nouran Aly
Course: BSc Computer Science
Year of study: Second year
Country of domicile: Egypt and Qatar

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?
I chose Swansea university because when I went to a UK universities’ fair that was help in Qatar, I’ve spoken to many universities but felt like Swansea university’s representatives were the most comforting, reassuring and friendliest ones in the fair, they made me want to keep on researching the university after the fair and were able to leave a good impression. And after putting a lot of research into it, and also visiting the university’s social media, I felt a general comforting atmosphere and connection with the university. Because I was very intimidated by the fact that I was leaving my home and going abroad to a whole new country I had never visited, I felt that Swansea was the perfect choice.

Can you tell us about your course and what do you enjoy the most?
I am impressed by how the lecturers have office hours where you can go and talk to them about anything, not necessarily lectures related but any student is able to explore their ambitions through these office hours as the staff at the computational foundry have a wide range of expertise and knowledge.

The fact that there are mentors always looking after you is quite comforting as well and they do made sure to make you come to talk to them if you are ever facing a problem.

Lastly, this based on my personal experience but the fact that there is a while building just for computer science, software and maths students is quite amazing because whenever I enter that building, I feel a sense of belonging and confidence and also being surrounded by people who share the same passion and ambition is motivating and definitely helps you give your best to what you do.

What are your three favourite things about Swansea?
The beach is my favourite part about Swansea which definitely is Swansea’s strength and the fact that we are studying minutes away from the beach.
The friendly community, and the fact that racism is almost inexistent. People in Swansea are quite accepting and makes the fact that an international student who definitely looks like a foreigner in the UK much less intimidating.
The city centre is a great area, it is very vivid, full of things to do and when it comes to you grocery trips, not having a car, which is quite common especially for international students, not a problem at all as there is everything you need and more in one area and you definitely don’t need to be going around and taking multiple buses etc… for your weekly needs.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other international students?
I would recommend Swansea university to anyone who wants to attend university in the UK because I think that the university pays a lot of attention to the students’ wellbeing, especially international students as they understand that it is very hard as it is to be in an unfamiliar environment and being away from home which has been shown especially during the pandemic. The university also provides a lot of help and resources to enable every student to outdo themselves.

Female student from Egypt smiling at the camera at a table in a restaurant.