Name: Kwan On Samuel Yeung 
Course: Mechanical Engineering MSc 
Year of study: 4th 
Country of domicile: Hong Kong China 

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?  
Firstly, because of my family. My brother graduated from Swansea University, and he love Swansea so much. Which I couldn’t understood until I came.  

Secondly, Swansea University is famous for the College of Engineering. It has advance equipment and technology for students to learn and have in person experience. I am glad to learn and experience them in the university, they made you understand more of the industry. What you learned from Swansea University are very much practical, very similar to the industry. Swansea University has fantastic Career Team for students, they help you improve your CV; prepare for interviews and holding lots of career events. Why did I choose Swansea University? Why not? 

Can you tell us about your course and what do you enjoy the most? 
My course - Mechanical Engineering, I am very interested in the course and knowledge about mechanics. I enjoy what am I learning every day. I enjoy every module that I am taking. Professors are friendly and approachable. They are more than happy to answer and help with your struggles. 

What are your three favourite things about Swansea? 
Bay Campus; Environment ; People 

Would you recommend Swansea University to other international students? 
Why Not?! 

Photo of a student from Hong Kong called Kwan On Samuel Yeung looking at the camera and smiling