The Mechanical Engineering Robotics & Industry 4.0 lab contains state-of-the-art equipment that supports our research into advanced robotics alongside the technology and processes of the 4th Industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

Robotics equipment:

KUKA KR16-2 Industrial robots

Two industrial robots equipped with pneumatic grippers and industrial drills are used primarily for research in the aviation and manufacturing industries.

KUKA LBR iiwa Collaborative Robots

One of the world’s first cobots developed by KUKA Systems that is a Human-Robot-Collaboration. Designed for light-weight and delicate assembly tasks without the need for safety fences.

KUKA KMR iiwa Mobile Platform

A KUKA mobile autonomous platform equipped with an omni-directional drive and a mounted KUKA iiwa cobot arm. Capable of navigation autonomously and safely in industrial environments, designed for use in an Industry 4.0 world.

UR3E & UR5E Collaborative Robots

Two Universal Robots cobots designed for lightweight applications in research and industry.

Baxter Humanoid Robot

A two-armed collaborative robot designed for simple industrial tasks such as loading, unloading, sorting and handling of materials by Rethink Robotics. Popularised in the research sector due to the number of integrated sensors and onscreen display.

Wessling Robotics Humanoid hands

A multi dexterous robot hand designed with a modular finger design. Comprised of 5 identical fingers with integrated torque and position sensors for real-time and reliable joint torque and position feedback.

Unitree Go1 Edu Quadruped Robot

A light weight and compact quadruped robot designed for industrial and research applications. Integrated with multiple sensor systems, autonomous navigation and control, alongside built in artificial intelligence capabilities.

Unitree Robotics Z1 Pro Robot Arm

A super light weight and compact robot arm designed for use with quadruped robots.

Niryo One Educational Robots

A small 3D printed 6 axis robot arm designed for educational use.

IVS-COMMAND- AI -2440-23M Vision System 

A powerful vision system designed for pattern, presence, measurement, counting, location and code reading.

Micro-Epsilon 2D and 3D laser scanners

A contactless high quality laser scanner for profile scanning.

Robotics and Industry Lab
Robotics and Industry Lab

The Festo Didactic Cyber Physical System (CPS)

Industry 4.0 focuses on optimised, integrated manufacturing - with mass personalised production and enhancement of circular economy at its heart. The Festo CPS provides a unique demonstration of the advancements in the manufacturing process line. It includes all technologies and components needed for developing in-depth knowledge and understanding of Industry 4.0.