Students walking outside accommodation buildings on the Bay Campus

As part of Swansea University’s campus provision, it is now offering short-term, onsite accommodation for staff, students and visiting colleagues.

As well as enhancing the experience of visitors to the University, this offering may offer a lower cost option when compared to city centre accommodation providers.

The accommodation on offer is available during term time as well as during vacation periods and is provided on a ‘per week’ basis.

Typically, the accommodation is available to the following groups:

  • All continuing/ returning students
  • Interns: Students taking part in internships or work-study programmes
  • Summer School Participants: Students attending summer school sessions
  • Researchers: Scholars and researchers working on short-term projects and fieldwork
  • Visiting Professors: Academic professionals visiting for a brief period
  • Staff: Relocating and needing accommodation when they find permanent accommodation
  • Staff: Those who book a couple of nights a week at a hotel could choose the Bay Campus and keep the same room and stay as many nights per week as they wish

Both ensuite (small double) and larger premium ensuite (double bed) rooms are available at a cost of £140 and £155 per week respectively.

Email Residential Services for further information or to book.

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