A collage of photos featuring (l-r) Professor Katrina Pritchard, Dr Ryan Sweet, and Dr Helen Williams.

Left to right: Professor Katrina Pritchard, Dr Ryan Sweet, and Dr Helen Williams.

Three Swansea University academics are taking part in the latest in a series of special talks aimed at taking research out to the community.

Tickets for events at the Wyeside Arts Centre in Builth Wells featuring Professor Katrina Pritchard, Dr Helen Williams, and Dr Ryan Sweet are now available via the Centre’s website.

The first, a talk entitled Genders and the Community, takes place on Wednesday 15 May. Professor Pritchard and Dr Williams from the School of Management launched Breaking Binaries Research in 2022 to explore complex and diverse identities, and this event delves into how individuals experience imposter syndrome and feel the pressure to conform to gender stereotypes. 

They say current research hasn't fully considered the complexity of diverse identities and are often interconnected as individuals identify themselves beyond, between, or across traditional identity distinctions.  Their research works with and in support of transgender and non-binary individuals and those who identify in multifaceted and often changing ways as part of LGBTQIA+ communities.

In Making ‘Legless in London’: From 19th century Disability Culture to Modern Tabletop Gaming, Dr Sweet introduces his research on disability in 19th century culture and traces how this has led to him co-designing a new board game.

Dr Sweet, senior lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, will be addressing an audience on Wednesday 7 August to explain the way social preferences for physical normalcy became dominant in the 19th century and how this related to the burgeoning new market for prosthetic body parts. He will also describe the significance of his findings and just why he decided to create a board game about this topic.

Both talks start at 2 pm, and you can book your tickets for these in-person events now via Wyeside’s events page.

The talks follow on from previous successful events at the arts centre featuring Dr Matt Wall, Professor Tom Crick, Professor Louisa Huxtable-Thomas, Professor Kirsti Bohata and Dr Annie Tubadji.

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