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New season of 'Exploring Global Problems’ podcast

What is the future of AI and Chat GPT? Can digital technology help deter reoffending?  Can we build systems that are safe, secure and resilient to any security threats? These and many other questions will be answered in our latest season of research podcast “Exploring Global Problems’ where Swansea University academics discuss how their ground-breaking research helps to tackle global challenges.

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University chosen for specialist base as part of £14m investment in rare disease research

University chosen for base as part of £14m investment in rare disease research

Swansea University is set to play a key role in a new platform aimed at bringing together UK strengths in the research of rare diseases to develop better and faster understanding, diagnosis and treatment.

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Groundbreaking research examines how the sequence of disease acquisition affects life expectancy

Groundbreaking research examines how disease acquisition affects life expectancy

New research, led by Population Data Science at Swansea University Medical School, published in The Lancet Public Health, examines how co-existing diseases develop over time and how they impact patient outcomes and healthcare resources.

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Ten researchers selected for Welsh Crucible programme

Ten researchers selected for Welsh Crucible programme

Ten Swansea University researchers - a third of this year’s cohort - have been selected for the 2023 Welsh Crucible, the award-winning programme of personal, professional and leadership development for the future research leaders of Wales.

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Expert in extremism wins award for research and community work

Expert in extremism wins award for research and community work

Dr Lella Nouri, an expert in extremism who has been involved in community activity to counter hate messages, has won an award for her work from the Ethnic Minority Welsh Women Achievement Association.

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Research Highlights

The impact of changing air patterns on bird flight

The impact of changing air patterns on bird flight

Professor Emily Shepard is investigating how wind and turbulence affect bird flight routes, why and where birds move, and how seabirds choose where to nest.

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Gambling-related harm

Gambling-related harm

Professor Simon Dymond's research aims to identify those who may be at risk of gambling related harm, to investigate the neuro-behavioural mechanisms underlying the onset and maintenance of gambling problems, and to find ways of developing innovative forms of clinical treatment.

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Dylan Thomas: improving public knowledge, stimulating educational outreach and informing arts strategy

Dylan Thomas: improving public knowledge and stimulating educational outreach

Through his research Professor Daniel Williams delves into the life of Dylan Thomas which has inspired numerous published articles and books, an internationally celebrated multi-media show and the digitisation of previously inaccessible archive holdings.

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Swansea Focus

Swansea Bay

Levelling up will fail if UK Government does not protect research and innovation

"The UK Government has long stated its ambitions to level up across the country. But should they fail to protect research and innovation, the impact will be a rise in inequality which will particularly disadvantage us here in Wales."

This was the message to MPs when Professor Paul Boyle, Vice-Chancellor for Swansea University, spoke at the Welsh Affairs Committee recently, alongside representatives of Welsh universities.

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Girl in plastic dump

Podcast: Creative solutions for plastic pollution

In the first episode of Exploring Global Problems Season 3 Dr Alvin Orbaek White, in conversation with host Dr Sam Blaxland, reveals his revolutionary vision for sustainable technology from plastic waste and explains how, nanotechnology is transforming the world

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Unprecedented marine heatwave underlines the urgency to clean up UK's waterways

In this article from The ConversationDr Richard Unsworth and Benjamin Jones emphasise the importance of protecting and restoring coastal and riverine environments to mitigate the impact of extreme heat events and safeguard the marine ecosystem for the future.

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Spotlight on

Dr Emily Lowthian

Early Career Researcher

Dr Emily Lowthian is a Lecturer in the Department of Education and Childhood Studies, School of Social Sciences. Her current research focuses on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), the secondary harms of parental substance use, and vulnerable children (e.g. looked-after children).

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Shroug Alotaibi

Postgraduate Researcher

Shroug Alotaibi is a PhD student in the School of Management researching international mobility, in particular the challenges and benefits associated with international labour migration.

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Research Institute

The Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials (CISM) is a new initiative, including a £29.9m research and innovation facility, to bring together semiconductor and advanced materials platforms to research and develop new technologies and products at Swansea University's Bay Campus.

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Research Collaborations

Space tech image

Space tech to shrink as the limits of quantum physics are tested

A UK-wide consortium is developing technologies to use nanoparticles as state-of-the-art sensors on small, shoebox-sized satellites known as CubeSats. The Universities of Warwick, Swansea and Strathclyde have been awarded £250k to further research into nanoparticles and quantum physics in the application of space technology.

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Map of South Wales

Universities win £15m for new Railway Research and Innovation Centre

The University of Birmingham and a consortium of Welsh universities including Swansea University have been awarded £15 million by the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF) to establish a new world-leading railway research and innovation centre in south Wales.

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Researchers develop new innovative heat storage material for enhanced energy efficiency

Researchers develop new heat storage material for enhanced energy efficiency

Researchers from the SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre and COATED M2A programme at Swansea University have collaborated with the University of Bath to make a groundbreaking advancement in thermal storage research, developing a new efficient material that is easily scalable and can be sized and shaped to fit multiple applications.

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Professor Matt Jones

Academic part of leadership team of £31M AI programme

Professor Matt Jones is a member of the leadership team in a UK collaboration, funded by the UKRI, aimed at making the UK a global destination and leader in AI that works for the benefit of humanity. As well as Swansea, the consortium brings together researchers from the universities of Southampton, Nottingham, Cambridge, Kings College London, Queen’s Belfast, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

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