Episode 4: Supporting Parents with Breastfeeding


Despite how natural it is to breastfeed, Professor Amy Brown’s research found that in the UK many parents are struggling with how they feed their babies. Many people think it is as simple as making a decision to breastfeed or formula-feed their baby. From her own experiences and her research Professor Brown has found that too many parents encounter barriers to their choice to breastfeed.

About our experts

In this episode of Exploring Global Problems Professor Amy Brown, with Dr Sam Blaxland unpacks research into how parents can be better supported in their decision to breastfeed and how challenges and barriers can be overcome for those who decide to.

The work of Professor Amy Brown and her team in the Lactation, Infant Feeding and Translational Research (LIFT) aims to provide parents with the support and resources they need. Coming to this topic from a Psychology background her research explores the Psychological impacts of the barriers that parents face when choosing to breastfeed.

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