School of Management (SoM) researchers have developed a significant body of published work examining the impact of COVID in several different contemporary contexts.

  • A study in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management exploring the adoption of COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing Apps.
  • Two CEPR working papers entitled ‘COVID-19: Narrative economics, public policy and mental health’ and ‘Cultural and economic discrimination by the Great Leveller: The COVID-19 pandemic in the UK’.
  • A study exploring the impact of COVID-19 in terms of information management research and practice in the IJIM.
  • Studies exploring the adoption of COVID on online teaching.
Globe held in hands with medical mask
  • A study in Internet Research examined the linkage between social distancing, cognitive dissonance, and social networking intensity as a result of COVID.

In 2020, SoM hosted a webinar entitled ‘Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on information management research and practice: Transforming education, work and life’ with the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune, India.’ 

The webinar featured 24 professors from 10 countries representing 20 universities globally and addressed over 500 participants from 29 countries. It was reported in media sources globally.

Further research on the impact of COVID is being undertaken by SoM researchers on female entrepreneurs with caring responsibilities. It is noteworthy that protocols developed within the airline industry to combat COVID drew upon a previous study from SoM researchers (Harvey and Turnbull (2009)) which examined the responses of airlines to the financial crisis.


The coronavirus pandemic presents the greatest challenge to public health in living memory.

Dr Simon Williams, of the Centre for People and Organisation at Swansea’s School of Management, is leading a project, with collaborators in the University of Manchester and the World Health Organization, exploring UK public views during the pandemic and how the true social and psychological impact is yet unknown. 

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