What is business management?

Do you see yourself playing a key role within a successful brand? Are you looking for a degree to make you stand out from the crowd with the innovative skills to manage a global, national or local business?

All of our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Business Management degrees deliver a range of expert teaching across marketing, operations management, finance, accounting, strategy and human resource management, as well as specialist optional modules.

If you are looking to become the next global business leader, our diverse range of degrees are for you.

Why Choose Swansea?

Careers and Employability. Our bespoke Employability Team are renowned for launching successful careers – from LinkedIn workshops to networking events, mentoring and more, they’ll make sure you’re ready to kick-start your career after graduating.

Teaching Expertise. You’ll be taught by cutting-edge researchers who are leaders in their field.

Wide range of modules. From International HR Management to Marketing, Management Consulting and Sustainable Tourism – we offer you a broad range of modules, meaning you can really tailor your degree to your strengths and interests.

What graduate career options are there?

As a Business Management graduate from Swansea, you will find yourself in a great position to secure rewarding employment at any business.

Whether you target Shell UK, Marks & Spencer, Bloomberg or Tata, our degrees make you a strong candidate for any potential employer.

You could have a career as a Business Development Manager, Analyst or Researcher, Entrepreneur, HR Business Partner, Management Consultant - the opportunities are endless. 

Find out about the career support available to you.

What do current students think?

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"The course is structured so that workload is distributed evenly throughout the year, with a good combination of coursework to develop and test practical skills and examination to ensure a sound theoretical understanding of the subject."
- Sakshi Jain; BSc Business Management (Finance) with a Year in Industry

See our teaching in action

Introduction to Business Management's Managing People module

Listen to Professor Geraint Harvey, Director of the Centre for People and Organisation, as he gives a flavour of the topics covered in our Managing People module.

Explore a variety of issues including employment relations, industrial relations, human resource management and the way in which management has developed a variety of strategies that deal with the management of people.

Materials to help you get ready for your degree

What are your course options?

Our flexible study options


You’ll have the freedom to transfer between any of the Business Management specialisations right up to the beginning of your second year.

For undergraduate UK students we offer the option of a Foundation Year with each of our business management degrees.

These are increasingly a popular option because they offer:

  • Smaller class sizes with more personalised support;
  • extra support including Maths, essay writing and group work;
  • and you gain a solid grounding in accounting, finance, statistics, strategy and management specialisms.

Undergraduate international students
can apply for our Undergraduate Business Pathway. We also offer a range of English language training to support and prepare you for your studies at Swansea University.

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