Professor David Hughes

Professor Emeritus (Health Policy), Medicine Health and Life Science

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+44 (0) 1792 602114

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David Hughes is a professor emeritus, who still has some involvement in College affairs.  He has worked in health policy, medical sociology and socio-legal studies and, apart from a long stint at Swansea, previously held appointments at the Universities of Dundee, Oxford and Nottingham. As well as carrying out research on the British NHS, Hughes has published on health system reform in Thailand and Turkey.  His main current research interests centre on medicines management, and international healthcare systems. 

David is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and (many years ago) gained his PhD from Swansea University. He serves on the editorial boards of Healthcare (MDPI) and Thai Journal of Public Administration (National Institute of Development Administration), and is a Corrispondenti Internazionali for Salute e Societa (Franco Angeli, Italy). 

Areas Of Expertise

  • Health policy
  • Purchaser/provider reforms
  • NHS contracts
  • Universal coverage healthcare
  • Medical sociology
  • PPI. engagement

Career Highlights


Medicines management

Thai health policy

Universal health coverage reforms

Health impacts of pesticides use