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Gareth Jenkins Profile Picture

Professor Gareth Jenkins

Personal Chair, Biomedical Sciences

Telephone number

+44 (0) 1792 602512
Academic Office - 405
Fourth Floor
Institute of Life Science 1
Singleton Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


Professor Jenkins published his 100TH paper in 2019 and is a passionate advocate for cancer research. He is keenly interested in cancer and carcinogens and is developing blood-based approaches to diagnose cancer earlier. 
Professor Jenkins obtained a BSc from Kings College London, an MSc from the University of the West of England and a PhD from the University of Wales. 

Professor Jenkins’s research focuses on how carcinogens cause cancer and how we can diagnose cancer earlier.  
He has a longstanding interest in testing carcinogens for DNA damaging properties; working with Industry, Regulatory bodies and international collaborators.  
His group have focussed on in vitro (cell based) approaches to replace animal testing for carcinogens. 
His cancer research is focussed on early diagnosis (of oesophageal cancer) and is currently assessing blood-based mutational diagnostic approaches to identify high risk cancer patients and address questions about exposures to carcinogens. 

Areas Of Expertise

  • Carcinogen
  • (Geno)Toxicology
  • DNA Damage
  • In Vitro Testing
  • Early Diagnosis (Oesophageal Cancer)
  • Blood Mutations Diagnostics

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Professor Jenkins teaches a 3rd year module on Cancer Genetics, based on the “Hanahan and Weinberg” Hallmarks of Cancer. 

Research Award Highlights Collaborations