Daniel Hall-Jones

Daniel Hall-Jones

BSc Business Management

Several factors informed my decision to choose Swansea University. Over recent years, the university's clear and continuous development is testament to its approach to offering students a rewarding higher education experience. 

From its state-of-the-art facilities on both campuses, to the opportunity to receive world-class education in frameworks of excellence, it was without a doubt the perfect location for me. The appeal of the Business Management course was a major catalyst in my decision; especially as it is one of the most established courses offered by the School of Management. Similarly, the course was accredited as one of the most flexible in the field across the United Kingdom, through the variety of module choices from specialist disciplines such as finance or management science, which enable me to tailor my course to my future professional aspirations.

My experience as an undergraduate student so far at Swansea has been great. I have had a taste of normal life, in lockdown, as well as the new normal within the University, having the opportunity to enjoy the city and what makes being a student here special in its glory full.

The experience of being part of the Welsh community here has been amazing. Although we are smaller in size compared with other universities in Wales, there is a certain sense of family togetherness and unity here. One of the main opportunities I have had as a member of the Welsh Society is the annual inter-college events, which are a great opportunity for all the universities in Wales to get together. In addition to this, one of the opportunities I am most proud to have been able to be part of was being one of the group that created the Urdd's Message of Peace and Goodwill 2021. Being part of the message is unforgettable.