Elen Wyn Jones

Elen Wyn Jones

BA Welsh, Media and Public Relations

My favorite things about Swansea are the beach, the beautiful places to go walking and to visit such as the Mumbles and the botanic gardens. Also, the local people and the university are so welcoming and make you feel right at home.

The main reason I chose Swansea was the beach as I live in an area where there's a beach 5minutes from each other and that's really peaceful. Also, I felt as if I belonged here from the very start, and I haven't looked back since, I've fallen in love with Swansea, and I most definitely recommend Swansea to others!

As well as the area, I really enjoy my course and thrive on the opportunity of having a good balance of written work and practical work such as media projects or preparing a presentation. I moved to Swansea during the pandemic, so my experience has been unusual, but I've had a taste for what Swansea has to offer and I've made life long friends and have been taught to a very high standard, despite it being on ‘Zoom’.

After I graduate, the first thing I'm hoping to do is travel the world and work in every country I travel to. After this, my ideal job would be a journalist or a television presenter/digital content creator.

Are you/have you been part of a society?

I am President of the Welsh Society and a member of Aelwyd yr Elyrch within the University

Have you lived in halls during your studies?

Yes, last year I lived in halls with other Welsh speakers and now I live in a house in Brynmill.

Have you worked part-time during your degree?

I work part-time as a Student Ambassador and I'm a Digital Content Creator for the University.

Have you graduated or are you a current student?

I'm a second year student.

Do you study in Welsh?

I study all of my course through the medium of Welsh, and I really enjoy the experience. The University offers so many opportunities through the medium of Welsh and we're a really close knit community. Each week, the Welsh Society meetings are the highlight of my week and it's a really important part of my life, both as President and as a member.