Haikaeli Gilliard Kinyamagoha

Haikaeli Gilliard Kinyamagoha

MSc Advanced Health and Care Management (Innovation and Transformation)

I appreciate the city's laid-back atmosphere and the friendly nature of its people. Furthermore, I enjoy the natural beauty, from leisurely beach walks on the Bay campus to exploring Singleton campus park and hiking in Brecon Beacons National Park.

How did you first hear about Swansea University?

One year ago, I was unaware of its existence until Hema, a fellow Tanzanian Chevening scholar 22/23 and Swansea University masters graduate 22/23 introduced me to the university while I was exploring potential options for my studies. He spoke highly of the university, his chosen course, and the city of Swansea.

While I took note of his recommendations, I conducted my research to determine if Swansea University aligned with my preferences. Ultimately, I found that it met my criteria, and I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Advanced Health and Care Management Innovation and Transformation.

Why did you choose to study at Swansea University?

I chose Swansea University for three primary reasons:

Firstly, I appreciated the emphasis on practical learning experiences and addressing real-world situations. The inclusion of industry visits, masterclasses by experts, and the analysis of actual companies, real data, and current situations assured me that the skills I was acquiring would have direct applicability beyond classroom assignments.

Secondly, I recognized an opportunity to enhance my entrepreneurial skills. As the founder and Creative Director of the Balcony series, a platform utilizing creativity for social change in health and economic empowerment, I discovered that Swansea University's enterprise team actively supports students in developing their entrepreneurial skills, from ideation to the creation of tangible products. The university hosts a significant pitch event where students present their business ideas, with selected ventures receiving funds, mentorship, or both. This support extends beyond graduation through the Graduate Start-Up Scheme, providing ongoing assistance to graduates in launching their businesses.

Thirdly, my affinity for the city grew as I learned more about Swansea. Its relaxed atmosphere, away from the hustle of a busy city, combined with the presence of numerous art galleries and museums, further appealed to me as an avid art lover and curator. In the four months I have been here, I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in art whenever my schedule allows.

Can you tell us about your course and what you enjoy the most?

I am currently enrolled in the MSc in Advanced Health and Care Management Innovation and Transformation. What I find most enjoyable about my course is the collaborative learning aspect. The small class size of six students fosters in-depth interactions and our professors are experts in their fields with numerous years of experience making the overall learning experience enriching. Additionally, there are various resources available to support my learning journey, including workshops on report writing and presentation skills, among others

Would you recommend Swansea University to other international students?

Absolutely! The university boasts a diverse community of international students from around the world, ensuring you won't feel isolated. With over 150 societies, including approximately 26 cultural and international societies, you can easily connect with like-minded individuals and establish a support network. And if you are a Chevener we also have a network of Wales Chevening scholars, who can support you. The quality of education and the support provided make Swansea University an ideal choice for success in your academic and professional endeavours.