Harriet Wesson

Harriet Wesson

United Kingdom
BSc Healthcare Science (Neurophysiology)

Swansea has become my home away from home, it’s given me amazing opportunities to enhance my CV and personal wellbeing, its done this by letting me study a course that I love with the resources and support I need. I was able to receive help with my dyslexia though Swansea to unlock my maximum potential.

I try to translate this into my work as a student neurophysiologist, this course allows me to delve into the world of the brain and nervous system whilst having an active communication with patients.
Work experience helped me blend lectures into real life clinical experience while in a safe and helpful environment. I was able to travel Wales for free by working hard in the week and exploring each new area on the weekends.

I choose this degree as I had a deep love for neuroscience but knew that being locked in a lab all day would make me crazy, this course allows me to talk to new and diverse people every day with the intention of only positively improving their lives.

When I’m not in clinic, I stay in the fun-filled area of Brynmill, a student area that has all sorts of nightlife nearby. Previously, I lived on singleton campus. Halls are a great way to meet people you’ll never forget; it was the first time I had my own space knowing that it was all mine. Swansea fits the ideal student experience with a combination of affordable living, beach bonfires and a good night out!