Kwok Leong Chu

Kwok Leong Chu

Hong Kong
BSc Business Management

I am studying Business Management, the reason I choose this course is because it does not only focus on management but it also includes marketing. I have not found a clear career path therefore I wanted to keep my options opened and I wanted to know more about both dimensions.

The most enjoyable things about my course are that it provided me with the fundamental knowledge of each business dimension like marketing and management that are the basics of business, and also accounting and finance.

The top 3 things on my favourite list about Swansea are the view, the kindness and the warmth of the people in Swansea, and the guarantee of employment.

The view of the Bay Campus is one of the reasons why people want to study in Swansea. It is next to the beach and enables the students to swim, party, set a campfire, you name it.

In addition to this, the people in Swansea have created an environment of welcoming spirit and it helped me as an international student to assimilate into the society. Last but not least, Swansea University provides a bunch of job opportunities for students in year 1 to 3, and they will keep updating the information to you through email.