Mohammed Alharbi

Mohammed Alharbi

Saudi Arabia
MSc Engineering Leadership and Management

Why did you decide to study MSc Engineering Leadership and Management at Swansea University? 

I liked the course modules and how it is designed to ensure up-to-date technical and management topics. For example, sustainable development, smart manufacturing, innovation management, and immersive systems are future trends that every engineer should be aware of for a better career future. On top of that, basic management principles such as economics, HR, Accounting, and finance; and the other type of management related to engineering such as operation, asset, and project management. 

What was your favourite thing about your course? 

Linking the modules assignments and course project to real business cases. That was very important because it enhances students working experience, confidence, and communication. Also, I value course mentors support along the course by bringing their expertise and share real-life examples. 

Why did you decide to study for your degree at Swansea University? 

Swansea university one of the top 30 universities in the UK, and most essential for me, it is one of the top 10 in students’ satisfaction universities in the UK. 

What did you enjoy most about Swansea and Swansea University? 

Swansea is a magnificent city. I like the seaside scenery and spectacular beaches such as Mumbles, Three Cliffs and Rhossili. More importantly, I feel welcomed by all people; they are so kind and considerate. For the university first I like how staff are helpful and very care about student’s satisfaction. Also, I like the difference between the historical theme in Singleton campus and the modern theme Bay. Both are different and beautiful. In both inside and outside the university I like the diverse and inclusive culture that makes me feel I am home. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying Engineering at Swansea University? 

From my experience, the most critical factor is the environment, whether inside or outside the university. Comfort feeling helps you to perform well in your studies. Studying in Swansea is an enjoyable experience academically and socially. 

What are you planning/hoping to do after doing your PhD? 

Since one of the main ideas behind ELM is to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry, I will continue doing the same by utilising and integrating my academic achievement with my previous working experience. Enhancing the relationship between academia and industry is my future goal.