It is quite common for some students to change their mind whilst at university. You might feel that you have chosen the wrong university, or course, feel homesick and want to locate closer to home or maybe you have completed a foundation course and want to transfer at that point; whatever reason you might feel you’d like to transfer to Swansea University, we will consider your case and do our best to help you.

Transfers are usually permitted if:

  1. We have sufficient places available.
  2. You meet the entry requirements for the course – see our individual course entry requirements.
  3. If you want to transfer in to the second year of study, the content of the first year of the course you have already taken closely matches our own. This ensures you are adequately prepared to continue your studies here. (If we cannot offer you a place in the second year, we may offer you a place starting in the first year)

Please contact the Admissions Team if you would like to discuss transferring to Swansea University, we would love to hear from you!