Navitas Family Bursaries

Navitas offers financial support in the form of family bursaries. A bursary applies where two or more students from the same family study with a Navitas member institution.* The bursary is equivalent to 10 per cent of the tuition fee for up to 8 units of study within one program only.

*Navitas scholarships are offered to students studying at BCUIC, ARU College, Brunel University London Pathway College, Curtin College, Curtin Singapore, Deakin College, Edith Cowan College, Eynesbury College, FIC, Griffith College, HIC, ICM, ICP, ICRGU, Keele University International College (KUIC), Lancaster University Leipzig, La Trobe College Australia, La Trobe University Sydney Campus, Queens College GSSP, RBC GSSP, SAIBT, SIBT, TMUIC, Twente Pathway College (TPC), The Hague Pathway College (THPC), The College Swansea University, UA92 Global, UC College, UCIC, UMass Boston GSSP, University of Leicester Global Study Centre, UNIC, UPIC, Western Sydney University International College, Western Sydney University Sydney City Campus and WLIC.
† Certificate programmes may also be known or registered as Foundation Studies or University Transfer Programme Stage I. Diploma programmes may also be known or registered as Undergraduate Pathway, University Transfer Programme (UTP), University Transfer Programme Stage II, University Pathways Programme.
‡ The Navitas bursary is not applicable to any English language programme or any component of an English language programme offered by a Navitas member institution.
§ The supporting documentation that is required will depend on the country where the student is enrolled.
** Navitas academic merit awards are offered to students studying in the UK at CRIC, EIC, HIC, ICP, ICRGU, The College, Swansea University, LBIC, PUIC and BCUIC only. This information is correct as at the time of printing and may be subject to change without notice or at the discretion of Navitas member institutions or Navitas Limited.