Images of Beti George and Elin Rhys

Beti George and Elin Rhys share their experiences

On 11 March, as a part of Swansea University's International Women's Day 2021 series of events, two of Academi Hywel Teifi’s supporters and friends, broadcaster Beti George and Media Company Director Elin Rhys, shared their experiences of the challenges they have faced during their long careers in the media industry with Dr Gwenno Ffrancon, expert on the history of the media in Wales and director of Academi Hywel Teifi.

Beti George began her broadcasting career which spans over half a century in Swansea, as a reporter for the BBC Wales news programme 'Bore Da'. Since then she has presented a wide variety of programmes for television and radio, reaching the top of a profession traditionally dominated by men, having to fight for equal pay along the way. Beti is also known for her work as a campaigner for those affected by Alzheimer's disease.

An alumnus and honorary fellow of Swansea University, Elin Rhys worked as a scientist with the Welsh Water Authority before beginning her career as a television presenter with HTV and S4C in the Eighties. In 1993, she set up Telesgop, her own television company based in Swansea, to popularize science in the media.

Watch the recording of 'Merched yn Bennaf' here