Outstanding learning and teaching with a distinct emphasis on employability


One of the University’s primary aims is “to prepare and promote the employability of students”. Our academic courses aim to equip you with valuable experience and high-level skills that employers look for. Wherever possible, courses are accredited by professional bodies. Our long history of working with business, industry, commerce and the public sector enables us to add real value to your education. We listen closely to employers when they tell us what skills and experiences they require from their graduate employees, and we tailor our courses to make sure that you gain those professional and high-level skills that will enable you to thrive in today’s competitive world.


Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol Language Skills Certificate

This Language Skills Certificate is a chance to receive an extra certificate which shows future employers that you are confident and proficient in your written and oral Welsh language skills. The Coleg Cymraeg will arrange sessions via Academi Hywel Teifi in order to prepare students to achieve the certificate and there are extra resources online. To gain the Certificate, applicants are required to make an oral presentation and sit a written test which includes three tasks. For further information, contact Indeg Owen.   


Swansea Employability Academy (SEA)

The Swansea Employability Academy (SEA) provides a network for linking students with employers - ranging from employer talks and workshops through to student led networking events. The Academy supports Swansea University students at each stage of their journey towards a graduate career - from coordinating professional careers advice, managing a range of placement schemes and ensuring face-to-face & online support, to providing guidance for making informed career choices and preparing for interviews.

Our award-winning Careers and Employability Team can help you:

  • Explore career ideas
  • Get a great CV
  • Get a placement
  • Get a job or find out about further study


Career Development Course

The Swansea Emplyability Academy Career Development Course is a free online course that provides information on a variety of career topics and is available through the medium of Welsh! The 16 units focus on different subjects to help you develop your career, including:

  • You can learn more about yourself and your options
  • Writing CVs, application forms and personal statements
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Making decisions
  • Soft skills such as developing your mindset and resilience

There is no limit to the number of units you can complete, but you will win the Career Development Course award by completing 5 units and you will win the Advanced Career Development Course award by completing 10 units. You will receive an electronic badge for the award which you can share with your LinkedIn profile, and it will be added to your HEAR record. Click here to register for the course.

You can find more information about additional career support and resources available through the Swansea Employability Academy here.


Working as a Student Ambassador for Swansea University

During your time at the University, it is possible to work as a Student Ambassador for Swansea University. There are a number of reasons for becoming a student ambassador.

  • Employed Ambassador Student Scheme with full training while gaining great experiences to add to your CV.
  • Meet new friends and represent Swansea University in various Welsh and English events; with opportunities to work for pay in other departments across the University.
  • Social events throughout the Academic Year.
  • Opportunity to apply to be a Senior Student Ambassador after a year as a Student Ambassador.
  • Work towards the Student Recruitment Office Ambassador Award and WOWee Accreditation with the Swansea Employability Academy which is recognized on your HEAR certificate on graduation.

Welsh speakers are always needed during events such as Open Days and to visit Welsh language schools. For further details, visit the Student Ambassador Scheme pages on the University's MyUni pages.


Working as a Student Ambassador for the Coleg Cymraeg Cendlaethol

If you study part of your course in Welsh, there is also an opportunity for you to work as a Student Ambassador with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. Being an ambassador with the College is paid work and the individuals have the opportunity to promote the Welsh language within their university as well as being part of the Coleg Cymraeg's marketing work in order to promote the continuation of the use of the Welsh language from school to the workplace. This work includes events, school visits, blogs, interviews and work on social websites.

All the work the ambassadors do helps them develop a number of skills including presentation, public speaking, confidence building and digital skills.

For further details, go to the pages of the Coleg Cymraeg below;


Work placement opportunities with Academi Hywel Teifi

A degree is important to secure a good job, but employers look for much more than a degree when choosing which graduates to hire. Securing a work placement and developing skills while studying and during the holidays will make you more able to compete for jobs. Academi Hywel Teifi offers a SPIN work placement every year which gives you the opportunity to work promoting the Welsh language at events such as the Urdd Eisteddfod.


Global Opportunities 

We are able to offer unique international experiences and work placements to students as International connections are all important to Swansea University. A number of our Welsh-medium lecturers are worldwide experts in their field.

Stuyding abroad schemes give you an opportunity to gain valuable interpersonal and transferable skills, such as organising and planning, joint working, problem-solving and communicating. These days employers recognise how important it is for graduates to have an understanding of international issues or other cultures, and they expect it. As a result, the University offers various opportunities for you to study abroad as part of your degree or to take advantage of one of the summer programmes available. Swansea University has links with over 150 partner universities and organisations. Please see the University’s Go Global pages