Our Research Expertise

CFD image of Bloodhound SSC

Our Structural and Computational Expertise

Our researchers are using a mix of computational methods and experimental methods (e.g. our state of the art closed-loop subsonic wind tunnel) to explore solutions to problems such as fluid-structure interactions on wings, aircraft control using ‘morphing’ through to ‘energy harvesting’ from structural vibrations.

Aeroplane engine turbine

Our Materials and Propulsion Expertise

Our researchers are partnering industry partners such as Rolls-Royce to understand the performance of new materials (composites and alloys) for use in modern jet engines.  We also have researchers developing novel modelling methods for the combustion processes involved in aerospace propulsion including the performance of hydrogen as an alternative fuel.  All of this work is being done in collaboration with researchers across the Faculty exploring ‘Industry 4.0’ approaches to manufacturing.

Space Shuttle Launching

Our Space Expertise

Our researchers are exploring advances in space technologies ranging from the design of deployable space structures and satellite systems to novel, ion engine, space propulsors, space-based solar energy approaches and hypersonic aerodynamic modelling.

Woman sitting at flight simulator

Our Aerodynamics, design/optimisation and flight simulation Expertise

Making use of our state-of-the-art closed-loop subsonic wind tunnel and suite of flight simulators our researchers are looking into novel aerodynamic designs for everything from wind turbine blades through to novel vertical lift aircraft with multiple lifting rotors.  We also have researchers developing novel computational methods for design and optimisation of aircraft and flight simulation of urban air mobility vehicles.