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Swansea University launched its first Student Entrepreneurship strategy in November 2018 with a mission to supporting ALL students to become entrepreneurial and innovative graduates,contributing to society and the economy.

With your support, we can ensure all students have the opportunity to learn new skills, get involved in enterprise activities and access financial support to help them start their business in a safe environment.

Nathan John - Graduate Entrepreneur

Where your support is needed

Success breeds success and Swansea University has witnessed an increased expanse of leadership, enthusiasm and creativity which has seen many students launch their businesses with more and more startups taking flight - quite literally (see for yourself below). Unfortunately, it was only possible to fund 10% of the £70,000 asked of us by students last year to help with their businesses.

Turning Ideas, Into Realities

“If it were not for Swansea opportunities, I would not be at the stage with my business that I am now, where we are soon to be launching, and I would also not have so many connections within the world of entrepreneurship. 

Swansea has opened up many opportunities for me such as organising a trip to the biggest student enterprise event in Europe, which was a great experience and helped me network with like-minded students, a hack-a-thon where I got introduced with Swansea FC and may potentially be partnering with them.”

Tom Robertson, Founder of GAIN APP


The Big Pitch 2018

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Together, with the support of our alumni, we can build an innovative, entrepreneurial community.