Making a Difference Together

Donating towards The Greatest Need is the most valuable way that you can support the University. Gifts of this type are unrestricted in nature, meaning the University can direct them towards the areas that are most in need of additional funding.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference. You can read more about some of the fantastic projects you have supported below.

Thanks to the Greatest Need ...

Bay campus bees

Bay Campus Bees

The ‘Bay Campus Bees’ group have been able to build and develop a community of beekeepers and bee enthusiasts within the Swansea University community. The group consists of staff and students dedicated to learning the art of beekeeping.  Read More

Diversifying Swansea’s sea defences

Local adaptation to climate change: diversifying Swansea’s sea defences

Sea defences along our coast are crucial for communities to combat sea level rise, but there is growing evidence that they also contribute to the decline of biodiversity. Swansea University is working with industry specialists on a range of interventions to maximise opportunities for flora and fauna to colonise sea defences, without compromising their primary function - to defend our coastal communities. With support from the Greatest Need Fund, this project will go a step further. Read more...

Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions – aiding recovery from the pandemic

With support from The Greatest Need Fund, Researchers at Swansea University Department of Biosciences are establishing a new outreach project to connect school children with nature in the post-pandemic world. Around 700 school pupils across 20 primary schools in South Wales and Uganda will be directly involved in the project which aims to enhance well-being through immersion in nature, promote intercultural exchange and understanding, and inspire appreciation of local wildlife and support conservation efforts. Read more...

Rehabilitation for sufferers of long Covid

Inspiration for the future – rehabilitation for sufferers of long Covid

Sufferers of long Covid often experience persistent breathlessness and fatigue resulting from weakened respiratory muscles. Researchers from Swansea University School of Sport and Exercise Sciences are testing whether an eight-week breathing training programme, carried out at home, could help to rehabilitate sufferers of long Covid.  The Greatest Need Fund has enabled these vital trials to continue, funding the costs of continuing to post the required devices to the study participants. Read more...