What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership?

  • Three-way partnership between a Research Organisation, a Business, and an Associate (suitably qualified graduate);
  • The associate is based within the business for 12 - 36 months to develop and implement the project;
  • Projects are part funded by Innovate UK and Welsh Government;
  • Businesses contribute the remaining amount in cash;
  • Businesses contribute between 33% (SMEs) and 50% (Large businesses) AND affordability must be proven;
  • Associate needs to be a suitably qualified graduate with the ability to lead a strategic business project;
  • Applications are accepted at intervals throughout the year, and are assessed on: Impact, Innovation, Challenge, Cohesiveness;
  • There are a handful of competitions each year when applications can be submitted.

Who should apply for a KTP?

Businesses and third sector organisations seeking to introduce innovation into their workplace or the services they offer in order to facilitate growth while embedding skills and knowledge in the workforce to ensure lasting impact.

KTPs are open to all businesses and third sector organisations – regardless of their size or sector.

What do KTPs cover?

Traditional KTPs tend to focus on practical innovation within businesses and third sector. The partnership team focuses on overcoming a strategic challenge, utilising their access to the resources housed within the Knowledge Base aka the University.

Transformation takes place through:

The embedding of expertise, which can generate new knowledge, expand capability and foster a culture of innovation within the existing workforce – driving change in the present and the future.

This is underpinned by the strategic input of a highly experienced Knowledge Transfer Adviser, the support of our dedicated Knowledge Transfer team who assist with administrative duties throughout the project lifecycle, and access to the Knowledge Transfer Network.


Swansea University and KLA Corporation Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Find out more about the fantastic opportunities involved with partaking in a knowledge transfer partnership through the recent success of Swansea University's Dr Jacob Mitchell and Industry Partner, KLA Corporation

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