Our Research Expertise

The display of a SMA solar rectifier, used for feeding the power grid with solar energy.

Our Energy and Power Engineering Expertise

Research includes:
Advanced power electronics and applications; Renewable energy and grid control systems; HIL and rapid control prototyping; Power instrumentation and circuits for wide bandgap semiconductor devices; Buildings as power stations; Robotics.

computer chip

Our Semiconductor and Nanotechnology Expertise

Research includes:
Advanced surface science; Micro & nanoelectromechanical system; Nanoscale electronic materials and devices; Optical devices and systems; Semiconductor device design and modelling; Sensors and actuators.


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4G cell

Our Communications, Systems and Software Expertise

Research includes: 
Next generation communications (5G & 6G); Internet of things; Smart beamforming systems with AI; Innovative antenna solutions; Ultra-fast satellite communication; Optical communications; Analogue and digital circuits; High performance computing; Advanced web technologies.