Who We Are

The rapid expansion of artificial intelligence has brought us in sight of the fourth industrial revolution. The potential for AI to have a transformative impact on society, the economy, and artistic practice present opportunities for driving innovation and advancing research.  

By creating an open platform for social scientists, arts and humanities researchers and digital experts, NAIADES facilitates multi- and trans-disciplinary research projects. Our aim is to explore the human and societal impact and implications of AI and emerging digital technologies.

What We Do

We convene arts and humanities researchers, social scientists, creative practitioners, producers and writers for regular networking and member events. We create space for open enquiry into how AI and associated technologies could impact and be utilised in social science research, artistic inquiry and creative production.

With close ties to the Zienkiewicz Institute for Modelling, Data and AI in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, NAIADES enables collaborative, inter- and trans-disciplinary partnerships across disciplines.

Through these regular events and collaborative learning sessions, the network provides members with practical advice on understanding and harnessing AI while offering introductions to potential research partners.

Our members are not required to be coders or computational scientists; we welcome perspectives from researchers working across the humanities and social sciences, and showcase their distinctive viewpoints on the issues and prospects presented by the fourth industrial revolution.

Our key areas of interest are:

utilising new research methods and data-driven approaches -

to examine historical and contemporary social realities


studying how AI affects society, including ethics and governance


applying and critically analysing generative AI -

in education, the arts, and other creative practices


How you can get involved

We welcome interest from academics at all stages of their career working across the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to reach out with ideas for research conversations, projects and bids; requests for introductions to other colleagues; requests for research proposal writing advice and guidance. Contact Network Director, Dr Fred Boy or Network Researcher Dr Nia Davies for more information: f.a.boy@swansea.ac.uk or nia.davies@swansea.ac.uk 

About the Director: Dr Frederic Boy is an Associate Professor in Computational Social Science and Digital Intelligence. His research focuses on how analysis of open-source data can aid our understanding of the contemporary world and build predictions of societal trends.