Guidance for Research Projects

If you are interested in undertaking a research project with CIF, all initial enquires should be addressed to Mr Anthony Rees.

Step 1 - Application Pathway

A project application form needs to be completed with the study and returned for an overview of the project. A study is defined as any programme of work that will require access to CIF resources. This spans the full range of activity from short pilot, start-up studies to major grant applications aimed at internal and/or external sponsors. Publication from work carried out at CIF should carry due acknowledgment.

The category of study participant group will affect the pathway followed to access to CIF. If the cohort are Swansea Bay University Health Board patients, the Research and Development department will need to be contacted and they will facilitate the project application with IRAS and the specific imaging project template which can be accessed via Jemma Hughes. If the cohort are volunteers and not patients, the correct pathway is through CIF.

Step 2 - Feasibility Meeting

A feasibility meeting will be scheduled to discuss the project in more detail. Areas covered in this meeting will be:

  • ethics
  • subject selection and recruitment
  • experimental design
  • software implementation
  • project implementation
  • completion timescales and costs

Studies that involve Human Participants will require the Principle Investigator to complete an Ethics Approval from the relevant faculty or the local NHS Research Ethics Committee. No project can start without Ethics approval. A copy of which will need to be forwarded to CIF. All projects will need to be peer reviewed by either the Joint Scientific Committee at JCRF or a peer review committee at the relevant faculty. A copy of which will need to be forward to CIF. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, MHRA who are responsible for regulating all medicines and medical devices in the UK by ensuring they work and are acceptably safe may need to be contacted if the project involves a drug or device.

Step 3 - Project Initiation

Once a project number has been received the project can start, all day-to-day book of time slots on the scanner should be made via the CIF Group all slots require confirmation.

The participant’s consent and screening for contra-indications should be undertaken before the appointment time.


Other Considerations