Our 'Head Start' webinar series is a programme of taster lectures, webinars and virtual open days, designed to give you a flavour of the various subjects you will be studying with us. Delivered by lecturers who will be teaching on your degree, this programme is your chance to see what it's like to be a current student.

You can catch up on all our webinar sessions below. 

Taster Lectures and Information Sessions

Ambassador Q&A

Watch our Q&A for Undergraduate Student Ambassadors held on 06/12/2021.

Life as a Biomedical Scientist Repeat

Learn more about the launch of our new Postgraduate Taught Masters programme 14.09.2021

Life as a Biomedical Scientist

Learn more about the launch of our new Postgraduate Taught Masters programme

Intro to Health Informatics

Dr Judy Jenkins Intro Lecture on ‘Health Informatics' held on 14/06/2021.

Your Library: How We Support our Undergraduate Students

Learn more about our library services and support

Ghrelin, Dementia, and Neurodegenerative Disease

Dr Alwena Morgan's Taster Lecture held on 19.05.2021.

Why everyone needs Health Economics in their life

Watch our Health Economics Taster Lecture held on 20/05/2021

Cell Culture with Student Q&A

Dr Kate Chapman's Taster Lecture on ‘Cell Culture' + student Q&A with Romessa held on 18/05/2021

The Weird and Wonderful World of Clinical Decisions

Watch Dr Ana De Silva's live lecture held on 04/05/2021.

Nuclear Pharmacy: When the Drug is as dangerous as the disease

Watch Professor Andrew Morris' live lecture held on 27/04/2021.

Where my BSc has taken me: Out of the Desert and into the Sea

Watch our live session which took place on 26/04/21

Exploring the Relationship between Cannabis and Sleep

Watch our live session with Dr Ceri Bradshaw which took place on 23/04/21

The Heart: Live Anatomy Session

Live Anatomy Session with Dr Marcela Bezdickova and Dr Sam Webster which took place on 21/04/21

Blood Tests for Cancer

Watch Professor Gareth Jenkins' lecture on blood tests for cancer held on 20/04/21

Counterfeit Drugs

Join Dr Amira Guirguis for her Counterfeit Drugs lecture originally held on 30/03/2021.

Employing Genetics and Genomics in Healthcare

Join Dr Wendy Francis for her Genetics and Genomics lecture originally held on 24/03/2021.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Join Dr Angharad Davies for a taster lecture on antimicrobial resistance recorded on 23/03/2021.

Conflict as a Global Health Problem

Watch Dr Jodie Croxall and Dr Louise Cleobury's Global Health lecture originally held on 22/03/2021.

DNA Damage and Cancer

Watch Dr George Johnson's talk on DNA damage and Cancer held on 12/03/2021.

"Neuroscience of Revising"

Watch Professor Phil Newton's webinar about the Neuroscience of learning held on 09/03/2021.

Cells, Immunity and COVID-19

Watch Professor Cathy Thornton's lecture on Cells, immunity and COVID-19 held on 02/03/2021.

Cell Culture

Dr Aidan Seeley's Taster Lecture on ‘Cell Culture' held on 23/02/2021.

Research and Innovation Webinars

Autobiographical Research: The use of self as a form of Inquiry

Dr Dean Whybrow's Taster Lecture held on 24/05/2021.

PATROLs: Developing advanced in vitro models

Watch the PATROLs team's lecture held on 26/05/2021.

Population Data Science Research

Watch Dr Ashley Akbari's lecture on Population Data Science Research held on 19/04/2021.

Postgraduate Research Study

Watch our Postgraduate Research Directors' information seminar held on 06/05/2021.

International Student Webinars

Studying Health and Life Science at Swansea

Find out more about studying at the UK's largest health training and education providers.

Psychology Taster Lecture and Information for International Students

Get a taste of studying Psychology at Swansea and a how to apply as an international student.

Our Health Courses: Nigeria and Ghana Student Guide

Join our information session for international applicants

Nursing (Adult) BSc (Hons): International Student Guide

Join our information session for international applicants

Our Health Courses: Saudia Arabia Student Guide

Learn more about our health study options as a Saudi Arabian student

International Student Webinar on preparing your Medicine and Clinical Degrees

Join this webinar with Swansea Employability Academy and our student recruitment managers.