Muneer AL-ALAMI: ‘Translating linguistic and semiotic culture-bound references in animated films into Arabic: Disney films as a case study’ (S. El-Awa, J. Hamilton-Hart)

Bashaier ALHAZMI: ‘Strategies and issues in the translator's ideology and gender: George Orwell’s works into Arabic as a case study' (T. Cheesman, S. El-Awa)

Fawziah ALSHEHRI: ‘The impact of the current change in the Saudi society on translating culture specific references’ (S. El-Awa, L. Davies)

Atheer ALSUWAYL: ‘Saudi EFL Learners' attitudes toward using Machine Translation in their EFL study programme: a case study of Qassim University’ (R. Perez-Tattam, A. Rothwell)

Haani BELHAJ: ‘Technical and ideological manipulations in the political subtitling of digital media outlets’ (S. El-Awa, J. Hamilton-Hart)

Khaled BEN MILAD: ‘A comparative evaluation of the performance of Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) and Machine Translation (MT) tools in English-Arabic translation’ (A. Rothwell, M. Fernández Parra)

Rachel BRYAN: ‘How is linguistic semantic transparency in current systems of pharmaceutical nomenclature - in the UK, Italy, Russia and internationally - implicated in risks to patient safety in the form of look-alike, sound-alike medication name confusion errors?’ (A. Williams, S. Jordan)

Alaa OLWI: ‘Taboo topics and “sensitive” language in English into Arabic TV subtitling for a Saudi Arabian audience’ (A. Rothwell, P. Rodríguez-Martínez)

Nina PATTON: ‘The Role of Semantic Relations in the Translation of Medical English Nominal Compounds into Spanish and Slovak’ (M. Fernández Parra, R. Perez-Tattam)

Angelika PELJAK-LAPINSKA: ‘Design, compilation and applications of an English-Polish-Belarusian parallel literary corpus’ (T. Cheesman, R. Laramee)

Ann SOUTHWICK: ‘A study of the principal translations into English of Cervantes's Don Quijote, up to the end of the Eighteenth Century’ (L. Davies, T. Cheesman)

Zihui WANG: ‘The significance of note-taking in Chinese-English Conference Consecutive Interpreting in a business setting’ (P. Rodríguez-Martínez, M. Wang)

Xiangyu YANG: ‘A study of Xiao Qian as a translation theorist and translator’ (T. Cheesman, M. Wang)

Xiaoyi ZHAI: ‘Simultaneous Conference Interpreting and corpus data’ (M. Wang, P. Rodríguez-Martínez)

PhDs in Translation awarded


Maha ALDAHI, ‘Exploring cultural challenges in English-Arabic translation: a new approach to developing translator assessment’ (L. Davies, M. Fernández Parra)


Dr Turky ALSHAIKHI: ‘An evaluation of translation programmes in Saudi Arabian universities' (M. Fernández Parra, A. Rothwell)

Dr Gabriella VALENTINO: 'Italian Translations of the works of P.G. Wodehouse: an epistemic approach' (T. Cheesman, R. Magnani)


Dr Kevin FLANAGAN: ‘Methods of improving subsegment recall in Translation Memory' (A. Rothwell, P. Mosses)


Dr Jessica FORSE: ‘The conceptual semantics of word formation: a Romance perspective' (P. Ten-Hacken, M. Fernández Parra)

Dr Gareth WATKINS: ‘Translation tools and technologies in the Welsh language context' (A. Rothwell, T. Hallam)


Dr Ewelina KWIATEK: ‘Contrastive analysis of English and Polish surveying terminology’ (P. Ten-Hacken, A. Williams)

Dr Claire THOMAS: 'Characterizing the polysemy of French and English deverbal nominalisation suffixes' (P. Ten-Hacken, N. Morello)


Dr Sarah KENNEDY: ‘The masks of the poet: English translations of French prose poetry’ (A. Rothwell, J. Langley)


Dr Brett EPSTEIN: ‘Child got your tongue: translating expressive language in children's literature’ (D. Large, A. Rothwell)