Students, organisers and attendees at the Swansea Schools & Climate Education event. A student is holding one of the liquid trees.

The liquid trees help educate pupils on climate change while also creating a healthier learning environment.

Swansea University has played a key role in helping Swansea become the first UK city to introduce ‘liquid trees’ to every primary school, educating pupils on climate change and creating a healthier learning environment.

At a recent Swansea Schools & Climate Education event, it was announced that all primary schools in Swansea will have access to innovative Our Classroom Climate education resources.

Funded and supported by Swansea Building Society as part of its commitment to social value and climate change education, Our Classroom Climate is designed to help students understand the science of climate change while incorporating cutting-edge science directly into the classroom, including algal bioreactors, also known as ‘liquid trees’.

In support of the programme, Swansea University’s Centre of Sustainable Aquatic Research has supplied 10 liters of seeded Spirulina culture—algae capable of photosynthesising carbon to oxygen as much as 400 times the rate of trees.

Pupils will not only be able to capture carbon from the air but also run experiments, harvest, measure, utilise, transform, and sequester it.

Dr Alla Silkina, from the Department of Biosciences at Swansea University, said: “After learning about this pioneering curriculum, I was eager to offer my expertise and support. It is wonderful to see Swansea University’s involvement in fostering climate literacy in schools across the region, helping to kickstart the ‘liquid trees’ initiative, and we look forward to welcoming pupils to the Centre of Sustainable Aquatic Research to learn more.

“These starter packs not only serve as a great educational tool but also as a practical solution for CO2 capture and the enhancement of indoor air quality, aligning with the overarching goal of achieving net zero.”

Through the programme, Mark Douglas, Founder of Our Classroom Climate, has also partnered with the University’s Swansea Employability Academy (SEA) to offer work placements to its students.

Lucy Griffiths, Head of SEA, said: “SEA has been fortunate to partner with Mark on numerous employability projects over the years. His latest exciting venture, Our Classroom Climate, compliments SEA’s Ethical Careers Policy and our goal of giving students not only an insight into sustainability but also the experience to secure sought-after graduate roles in the green sector.

“We’re excited for our students to build work experience through internships with Our Classroom Climate, an example of which is teaching primary school children about carbon capture via its incredible liquid trees!”

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