Our research-led university is continually exploring, analysing, and solving global challenges through an interdisciplinary approach. We are a top 30 UK university (REF14) and have expertise in many areas including steel, sustainable energy including solar, and health.

We believe that global issues cannot be solved alone. This is why we work with organisations, educational establishments, research centres, and academics internationally to pioneer advancements and make changes to improve the planet and people's lives. 

Our vision for research is simple; to use our knowledge and our people to help improve our world, looking at the past to inspire future innovation, and making changes to improve people's lives globally.

Our global collaborations

We work with academic establishments, research centres, organisations, industries, and some of the best minds in the world to find solutions to global problems that affect us all.

We are situated in close proximity to organisations such as Tata Steel and Swansea Bay University Health Board, allowing us to work closely with them and influence how they operate , making a difference not only to our local economy, but nationally and internationally.

From Tata to Texas; find out more about our global collaborations.

Our rankings

Our world-class research has led us to become a top 30 UK research university (REF) and one of the top 300 elite institutions across the world (Times Higher Education). Find out more about our rankings

Our local impact

We are making a difference locally too, enriching out economy and developing our community. Find out more