Episode 10: Clean energy: revolutionary research to generate, store and use renewable energy


Professor Ian Mabbett talks about SUNRISE, a project which aims to develop new materials for energy generation, storage and use that are integrated into buildings. The project takes ideas from labs into production, ideally locally where needed, then produces buildings that act as energy hubs across India, where 300 million people lack reliable 24/7 power.

SUNRISE would typically be labelled as an ‘energy’ project hitting SDG 7 ‘affordable and clean energy’. in the podcast, Ian talks about how you can't approach the UN Sustainable Development Goals in isolation.


Ian Mabbett is a Professor in the Chemistry Department at Swansea University. He is COO of SUNRISE, a global challenges research fund project led by Swansea University, that will develop buildings powered by printed photovoltaic cells and new manufacturing processes, which can be used to construct solar energy products in India. 

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