Our Research Highlights

We are delighted to have achieved 100% world-leading impact, showing that mathematics has a real and lasting impact in day-to-day life. Our research facilities and environment have enabled colleagues to engage internationally, elevating 100% of the department’s publications to world-leading and internationally excellent.

Our Vision

Our ethos is to focus on fundamental mathematical research with emphasis on the development of applied streams, interdisciplinary research, and collaboration with industry, while sustaining and enhancing existing pure mathematics strengths.

Our Environment

Maths is an active research community in a vibrant environment that enables high-quality individual and collaborative research in pure and applied mathematics. The Department comprises of 21 permanent academic staff. Maths is one of the founding departments in the University and recently relocated to the £32.5m purpose built Computational Foundry on the new £420m Bay campus.

Our Outputs

We have a strong record of disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative research. Since 2014, 80% of our research outputs involve a collaborator from outside Swansea, and 70% result from an international collaboration. Our field -weighted citation is 1.3 which is above average in the discipline. 14.3% of our publications are among the top 10% of most cited publications worldwide and 18.4% of publications are in the top 10% of journals.

Our Impact

In parallel with fostering interdisciplinary work, we champion the identification and pursuit of pathways to potential impact of research. Collaboration outside of academia, e.g., with industry, healthcare, or policy makers, is actively advocated, and research-led outreach and teaching activities are promoted.

Our Community

Meet the mathematics staff and post-graduate community