Manufacturing lies at the heart of our economy. The future health of our planet and people depends on developing and creating more efficient and more productive methods in manufacturing and doing so in a sustainable way.

  • At Swansea, we specialise in materials science, computational modelling and manufacturing systems, and we are working with leading companies including Airbus, Rolls Royce, GKN, Aston Martin, Ferrari and BASF. 
  • We developed the computational aerodynamics design system FLITE, which has been of significant economic benefit to the aerospace industry, and led to our involvement in the creation of the world’s first supersonic car.
  • Within our Materials Science research centre, we have developed new, coated metal products, used in construction which carry 40 year anti-corrosion warranties. These new techniques are now sold commercially by Swansea University with customers including General Electric, Tata, and Tokyo Electric Power.
  • Swansea University is leading the £22.7m ASTUTE 2020 operation which is working across Wales to enable industry-led collaborations.  Its new Factory for the Future, proposed as part of the Swansea Bay City Region deal will create industrial size and scale demonstrators to showcase smart technology in manufacturing for use by industry in the future.

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