Ian Mabbett and Eve Oliver discuss Ian's HEFCW funded project: Leading Pathways to Net Zero through Efficiency.

Professor Ian Mabbett is the Enterprise, Partnerships and Innovation lead for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. He supports the innovation ecosystem across the faculty and leads the development of strategic partnerships across public and private sectors, ensuring that the facilities, skills and expertise across the faculty are utilised in their most impactful ways. Professor Ian Mabbett and his team have been developing energy efficient buildings and working on ways to communicate how to do this to wider audiences.

His team has conducted a lot of background research in order to do this which has successfully allowed him to get the message out there to more younger people - that net zero efficiency is achievable.

The Higher Education Funding Council for Wales has allowed Ian and his team to reach more external audiences - which wouldn't have been possible without HEFCW's support.

Professor Ian’s research has mostly focussed on rapid heating or curing of industrial coatings and energy materials such as photovoltaics and energy storage, along with colleagues at the SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, a Queen’s Anniversary Prize recipient.

This project supports Welsh businesses as they look for ways that businesses, schools and young people can reduce costs on energy.

Professor Ian and his team has worked with multiple partners on this project, from TATA Steel to BiPVco -The Building Integrated Photovoltaic Company. The team has also partnered with NSG (Pilkington Glass Manufacturers).

Without the HEFCW funding, Ian believes they wouldn't have been able to get the message out there to wider audiences, HEFCW gave Professor Ian and his team the extra push they needed to fund resources.

Professor Ian would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the team members that worked on this project - together Swansea University is helping lead pathways to net zero.

You can find out more about this project here.