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The Complex Fluid Research Group encompasses the Rheological Microfluidic Laboratory (led by Dr Francesco Del Giudice), the Complex Flow Laboratory (led by Dr Bjornar Sandnes) and the Advanced Rheometry Laboratory (led by Dr Dan Curtis and Dr Matthew Barrow). Together, the group has an extensive track record of innovation tackling problems faced by industry and society. We have a portfolio of external collaborations with top institutions, including MIT, The Basque Centre for Advanced Mathematics, Texas State university, Pennsylvania State University, the University of GlasgowCardiff University and the University of Oxford.


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Project Outcomes

  • Generation of equally-spaced particles in Poiseuille microfluidic flow using several complex fluid formulations.
  • Encapsulation and co-encapsulation of particles with efficiency above the stochastic value thanks to the synergy of microfluidic design and complex fluid formulation.
  • Development of a microfluidic device for the simultaneous measurements of zero-shear viscosity and longest relaxation time in low-viscoelastic liquids using in less than 2 minutes, using less than 500 mL of sample.
  • Development of a machine learning algorithm for the prediction of experimental conditions required for the generation of Newtonian droplets of a given size and at a given generation rate.
  • Discovery of a new family of ‘viscously stable’ flow patterns (Zhang et al., Nat. Commun., 2023).
  • National Fluid Dynamics Fellowship awarded to Dr Miles Morgan.
  • Developed Chirp based rheometry in collaboration with MIT for rapid viscoelastic characterisation.

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