You might think Sport and Exercise Sciences is just about exercise and playing sport. That's part of it, but there's so much more at play.

It's the scientific study of physiology, psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, and understanding the social role of sport and exercise in social policy, ethics and philosophy.

Sport Scientists are all about understanding how the human body performs under different levels of pressure, whether that's in elite performance sport or the impact in the general community among children or the elderly.

Sport and Exercise Sciences also explores how sport, health and fitness is viewed in society, understanding it through a social scientific and humanistic lens. While some think of the body as a machine that can be conditioned to become stronger and faster, we are also human beings with values, different cultures and deep sociological and psychological experiences.

The philosophy and psychology of health and exercise is applied in order to develop a critical thinking across the spectrum of real world issues in health. And the social role of sport is examined by asking questions, determining policies, being socially inclusive and getting things right by ethical management.

Sport and Exercise Sciences at Swansea

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