Kate Spittle

Mrs Kate Spittle

Associate Professor in Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy

Welsh language proficiency

Intermediate Welsh Speaker


Kate Spittle is an Associate Professor in the School of Pharmacy at Swansea University. Kate is an experienced pharmacist having worked across many sectors during her career including academia, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industry and for the last 20 years in GP practice pharmacy.

Kate has experience in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at Cardiff University and at the Medical School in Cardiff and has led the national GP pharmacist training programme at HEIW for the last 5 years.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Anticoagulation
  • Diabetes
  • Pain Management
  • Menopause Management
  • HRT

Career Highlights


Kate has worked with a consultant diabetologist on  research studies on hypothyroidism including primary care management of patients and the role of genetics in response to treatment. She has a keen interest in research in the primary care setting.

Award Highlights