Image of Alix

Alix Bukkfalvi-Cadotte

PhD Medical and Health Care Studies

What Faculty are you based in?

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Science

How did you come to study at Swansea University?

I fell in love with Wales when I did an internship in Cardiff in 2019. When it came time to choose an institution for my PhD, I knew I wanted to come back to the area! I came across the report for The Health Experiences of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Wales (HEAR) study, and I thought that this was exactly the kind of research I’d like to get involved in. I reached out to the researchers behind that project, and they agreed to supervise my doctoral research on a similar topic!

What is your research topic?

I study the maternity care experiences of people seeking sanctuary in Wales.

What led to your interest in this area?

I’ve always been interested in the experience of maternity – a physiological, personal, and socio-cultural event. A focus on inequalities in maternity care allows me to examine how different groups experience healthcare and highlight possible injustices.

What do you hope to achieve with your research?

Through my research, I want to gain a better understanding of the variations in maternity care provision and experiences and highlight possible inequities. Ultimately, I hope my research will inform policy and clinical practice to improve the quality of maternity care for all.

What are the best things about conducting your research at Swansea University?

The postgraduate student community at Swansea University is really active and welcoming! It’s a lovely environment to work in, especially considering that a PhD can be quite isolating.

What are your future plans?

For now, I’m focusing on completing my data collection and finishing my PhD! After graduation, I hope to go back to Canada and pursue a career in health research.