Andreja Sokolovaite

Andreja Sokolovaite

BSc Marketing

I am Andreja, and I am studying BSc Marketing. I have completed a marketing placement within the Swansea University, and I cannot be happier how it turned out!

I got to work with the marketing team for the university website, helping with different tasks such as proofreading, creating new content for the course pages, updating the website and lots of other marketing activities.

From my first year at the university, I tried to participate in extra curriculum activities, joined societies and made sure to put myself forward to different opportunities. I became a student ambassador and helped with many open days, building relationships with my lecturers and staff at the university.

When the opportunity to join the marketing team came along, I did not hesitate to apply. After I sent my CV and cover letter I was invited to the interview and there I was, Marketing Support Administrator!

During this time, I was able to apply what I have learnt from my marketing studies to real life situations. It was great to work in a team with professional marketers and other interns. I learnt to use Content Management System as well as other useful tools such as Siteimprove and Google Analytics, those are all important tools that marketers should be familiar with. I learnt the importance of having a highly functional and user-friendly website.

This experience improved my communication, organisation and time management skills, and most importantly I became more confident. It taught me that I should always aim high and trust myself to make all the right decisions. Now since I got to experience what it feels like being a marketer, I feel more confident going into my final year at university.

This placement gave me an insight into what it’s like to work in digital marketing and prepared me for the future jobs in marketing. I was able to secure another marketing internship after acquiring the skills from my internship at the university. This placement gave me a jump start to my marketing career and I am excited to see where it will take me.

The employability team within the School of Management have always provided me with the support. I received help and tips for writing my CV and how to stand out when looking for placements and internships. I was able to practice before my interviews and received feedback. I have attended many talks given by the industry professionals and past students, where I was able to learn from their experience. Employability team always informs me about different opportunities and roles I can apply for. It is great to receive so much support and help in every step of my marketing journey at the university.

I have enjoyed every minute of my placement, and I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity. I count myself as lucky because the time spent working within the marketing team is invaluable. Opportunities like this are very important, it gives you the chance to observe marketing activities first hand. This has been one of the best experiences from my time at Swansea. If I had to give one piece of advice that I have learnt over the past two years at the university, is to always stay open to different opportunities to gain knowledge and new skills, the experience you gather will make you stand out and give you the confidence to achieve great things in life.

This placement has showed me a different side of marketing I haven’t seen before, I am hoping after I graduate, I can keep developing my knowledge about digital marketing by working in different marketing jobs. As a marketer you must keep learning and acquiring knowledge about the newest trends and developments to stay relevant, therefore my one aim is to keep on learning.