Erin MacDonald

Erin MacDonald

BSc Medical Genetics

I'm studying Medical Genetics, looking at treatments and disease management.

The course covers a variety of topics such as Immunology, Research Skills and Eukaryotic Cell Biology. Studying at Swansea has been different for me because I started during Covid-19 but I've had more lectures and face-to-face workshops on campus this year and always look forward to them. My favourite subject on my course so far is Immunology and Human Physiology. I really like learning about the body's systems and how treatments work and treat a variety of diseases and also how the body responds to the treatment.

While studying elements of my course in Welsh, I continue to use the language verbally and in writing. Using the language in a formal and informal way is very important to me as a Welsh woman. There is a variety of Welsh language support on offer at Swansea University such as Academi Hywel Teifi and the Coleg Cymraeg Branch. There is also support available from Welsh speaking Academic Mentors and the teaching groups tend to be smaller which gives people the confidence to ask questions and express opinions. I am also receiving an Academi Hywel Teifi and Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol scholarship as I am studying my course in Welsh.

In my first year I chose to live in Welsh language accommodation on campus. I am so grateful for this opportunity because it ensured that I was with peers who share the ability to speak the same language which gives a homely feeling in a whole new environment.