Iris Fiebiger

Iris Fiebiger

MA Translation and Interpreting

Studying abroad is a big financial commitment, so I took my time selecting the right university and course. Among all the universities I looked at, Swansea University really stood out.

The course seemed better than anything I could have ever imagined, and the staff were incredibly supportive throughout the entire application process. That, combined with the breath-taking nature and warm culture of Wales, made choosing Swansea University a no-brainer.

What I enjoy most about my course is the practical approach to teaching. Translation and interpreting are very hands-on professions. The course programme reflects this and we get a lot of practice, oftentimes simulating real scenarios. In one of my modules, for instance, we run our own (fictitious) translation agencies. That means recruiting freelance translators, working out fees, and even carrying out translation projects. It does not get more hands-on than this!

Since there are only a handful of students doing the degree, we all have a very good relationship with our lecturers. They always take the time to listen to our individual concerns and respond to our needs. This was particularly helpful in the beginning when I had just arrived in Swansea. It was my first time studying abroad, and I was anxious that I would not be able to keep up with my studies or struggle to fit in. My academic mentor really supported me through this time and was always there if I had any questions or doubts.

The course is super flexible. Only a few modules are mandatory, and the rest can be customised. To maximise my career options, I chose to explore a range of translation-related fields, stretching from healthcare interpreting to audiovisual adaptation. So far, I have been enjoying all of them. It never gets boring!

Apart from significantly expanding my linguistic expertise, the course has allowed me to gain valuable experience in project management and working with CAT tools. Both these things are important skills in the translation industry, and I am glad I could work on them in a safe environment before heading out into the “real” world. It definitely gave me confidence when speaking to potential employers.

I am a member of the Gardening Society and the Italian Society. It is always nice to meet like-minded people and makes settling in at Swansea a lot easier. Be it potting plants, picking litter, or going out for pizza – there is always something fun to do!

My favourite things about my course are the variety of modules on offer, the practical approach to teaching, and the lecturers, who are always there to help.

My favourite things about Swansea are the breath-taking seafront, the friendly locals, and the supportive, close-knit community on campus.

If you love nature and are looking for a strong on-campus support network, then Swansea University is just the place for you!