Kewei Gong

Kewei Gong

BA Early Childhood Studies

I've always dreamed of studying in the UK, and studying in a university with state-of-the-art Early Childhood Studies.  When I was in high school in China, I found my major was too limited. I thought the child care courses offered by Swansea University would enable me to learn more comprehensive and advanced knowledge.

I am studying Early Childhood Studies. I really enjoy the courses, which is exciting and includes a combination of online and in-person lessons in the first semester. The lecturers are fascinating and there is active interaction, group discussions, presentations and participation from every student.

My favourite things about Swansea are going to the beach, having a morning run in Singleton park and to go shopping in the city centre.

Swansea University have high-quality learning environment and two amazing campus. It is a fascinating choice to study at Swansea University.