Rachel Suhs

Rachel Suhs

United States of America
MSc Society, Environment and Global Change

I decided to study at Swansea University because I thought the MSc course that I am pursuing is interesting and important in today’s political climate. I also wanted the opportunity to study abroad in Wales.

I am from Alabama, USA and I came to pursue a MSc in Society, Environment and Global Change. I enjoy getting to learn and discuss the main theories and debates in human geography as they pertain to different crises, particularly climate change.

I like all my lecturers; they are all super supportive and willing to take the time to clarify things and answer any questions I have. I have learned how to use multiple geospatial and remote sensing software, like QGIS, and how to complete analysis with them. 

My course is fairly flexible as I can take courses outside of human geography. My favourite module so far has been Crisis and Global Change because it engages with many different types of crises and explores how crises are understood and addressed. This module has introduced me to many academics, theories, and debates that I had no previous knowledge of. It was a fascinating class and shifted my view of the world. 

I love that my peers in my course come from a variety of academic backgrounds; it really makes our class discussion richer and more interesting. I love that many modules in my course have discussion and seminar style aspects to them rather than just lectures. This allows us to learn from each other instead of just from the professor. I also like that I can take modules in Politics or War and Society or in Physical Geography.

Don’t be nervous to meet with the careers team. They are wonderful and helpful! Taking the time to meeting with them is definitely worth it if you are thinking of staying in the UK after your course finishes!

I am a member of the Sub Aqua sports team. I love being able to go the beaches in Swansea County. I also love being able to hike and spend time outdoors on the Gower. Lastly, I love that Swansea has a great art scene; spending time at the Glynn Vivian or Elysium Galleries is a favourite pastime of mine.

Take the time to explore the different courses offered by Swansea University and find the one that is right for you. Additionally, don’t be afraid to reach out to the course coordinators or faculty whose research interests align with yours.