Swapnil Bharat Pandhare

Swapnil Bharat Pandhare

MSc Health Informatics

Swansea University is an ideal university for anyone who wishes to pursue their dreams, as it provides a diverse range of courses as well as a nurturing environment for new learnings. The university provides a variety of scholarship programs, which helps student like me to fulfill our goals and to get financial support. Swansea University has excellent faculty and a fair cost of living

Back in India, I have done PGDM in Operations Management and completed my graduation in biotechnology. I’m looking forward to working in the healthcare sector which will give me an opportunity to learn and challenge myself at the same time.

In my course, we usually have presentations every taught week. This activity helps me to interact with other fellow students and to get their insights on various aspects of the course curriculum. I enjoy participating in such activities, as this helps me to learn new things in an academic environment. Every month, we have one taught week and in the rest of the weeks, we have been given assignments for that particular module. This helps students to be flexible with their timings.

Recently, we developed a website for a module called “Communication and Coding”, this module was so far my favourite.

All lecturers are very supportive and friendly they provide good insights on the specific topics which are related to the course. Especially our course coordinator Mrs. Judy Jenkins is very supportive and explains every topic very effectively and in an easy manner.

I have attended some career guiding sessions managed by the careers team at the university. I personally found them very effective as they helped me to land my first part-time job in Swansea. Overall, it prepares students for the job-ready environment.

I learned to work in a group as it is really helpful to be able to work in a team and agree with everyone to achieve the same goal. Also, I learned about how to do research and communicate our thoughts effectively.

My favourite things about the course are: 


  • The course is well-structured
  • It includes real-life cases, so it helps students to get an idea about the work life and responsibilities they need to handle during job
  • The course aims to develop critical thinking in students and it allows for innovation


In my spare time I’m a member of the Asian- Society (ASOC-2) which I enjoy very much. My three favourite things about Swansea are: 


  • Swansea beach
  • Swansea university library
  • Swansea city-center


I would advise considering Swansea university without any doubt in mind because it’s worth studying in Swansea, as it offers a lot more than just education. It is a beautiful experience and I feel every student should consider studying here as a potential option.