The Haven

This space is the multi-faith and community centre for Bay Campus (located next to the Sports Hall, previously the Students Union building).

  • It is a safe place for those seeking refreshment of any kind
  • You might be thirsty and need somewhere to have a cup of tea with a friend
  • You might be frazzled and need somewhere to clear your mind
  • You might be weighed down with worry and stress and need somewhere to reflect
  • You might be a person of faith and need somewhere to pray
  • You might be lonely and need someone to talk to

The Haven welcomes everyone. Whatever your need, we hope you will find what you are looking for here. Just curious? Then come visit us, or sign up for one of our events here.

This space includes:

  • Social space to meet old friends and new
  • Kitchen with microwaves and tea & coffee making facilities
  • A large quiet room for meditation, prayer and personal reflection
  • A confidential listening service
  • Muslim prayer spaces
  • Two bookable rooms for student societies and staff groups
  • And…warming, welcome staff to greet and guide you 

To get directions to The Haven, click HERE

Bookable Rooms